End-to-End Energy Solutions

Energy Efficiency | Renewables | Battery Storage

Brightcore implements, funds and maintains onsite energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for commercial and institutional buildings. 

LED Lighting

Convert to LED lighting and realize immediate savings, improve aesthetics and reduce maintenance, all at zero upfront cost.


Generate solar energy onsite and buy less from the grid or receive income from supplying electricity to your community, all at zero upfront cost.

Renewable Heating & Cooling

Switch to ground-sourced or air-sourced heat pumps to reduce the use of fossil fuels, while improving comfort and reducing maintenance, all at zero upfront cost.  

Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

Add EV chargers as an amenity for your property and generate a new revenue stream while supporting the transition to clean transportation, all at zero upfront cost.

Battery Storage

Lower your overall energy cost by using stored power when peak rates are in effect, improve resiliency and lead the charge to a cleaner electric grid, all at zero upfront cost.

Efficiency as a Service

Brightcore funds 100% of the capital and takes on full maintenance responsibility, allowing our customers to enjoy lower operating costs and enhanced building performance with $0 capital investment.

Building Energy Performance™

Brightcore President, Mike Richter, and Director of Operations, James Holton, explain how we deliver on the goal of building energy performance™ and what this means to business owners and those that live, work and play in the spaces we brighten.

"Brightcore took the time to develop the right long-term solution for the District."

Joseph W. Gramando

Director of School Facilities, Operations & Maintenance, Chappaqua Central School District

"Brightcore has evolved into a strategic partner..."

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