Specialized Services

At Brightcore, we tailor our lighting services to meet the needs of individual markets and applications. We believe that Brightcore lighting designs lead to greater customer, student and employee satisfaction with the physical space they are using.

Lighting Conversion Options

LED lighting implementations can be paid for by the energy savings they generate.  This means that we can provide a spectrum of financing options to meet our clients’ needs.



Managed Service

Our LaaS (Lighting as a Service) program means that we pay for and maintain the projects so that you have $0 upfront cost and no ongoing maintenance costs.



Brightcore provides financing in the form of lease and loan structures which require zero capital expenditure and deliver immediate savings.


Outright Purchase

For many customers, LED conversion projects rank among the most attractive investments available to them and therefore capital is allocated for the benefits of immediate project ownership.

Targeted Lighting Solutions

Brightcore delivers lighting solutions based on years of experience in particular industries and applications.  From parking facilities, schools, offices and healthcare our design and installation teams use experience and technical expertise to meet the specific needs of your property.


A managed service for surface and garage parking under which Brightcore owns and maintains the lighting pursuant to a long-term fixed price agreement. No capital investment. Immediate savings. No maintenance. Priority support. Superior lighting.


Hospitals, skilled nursing, senior living and assisted living facilities have unique lighting needs that are integral to patient care. Our BrightHealth™ service offers advanced lighting technologies and controls needed in medical facilities supported by a five-year extended warranty and zero money down financing options. 


Positively impact the classroom environment while reducing energy consumption and lowering ongoing maintenance costs with options such as tunable lighting color, advanced controls for school safety and exterior facility lighting.

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