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At Brightcore Energy, we tailor our efficiency, renewable, and storage solutions, as well as financing solutions, to meet the goals of each project. 

LED Lighting

Brightcore Energy is a premier provider of turn-key LED lighting solutions to large, multi-site commercial and municipal building owners.  We combine deep technical expertise with extensive experience designing and installing projects to deliver optimal solutions to our customers.

Read more about our particular expertise in educational and healthcare settings below: 


Brightcore Energy has a wealth of experience with commercial-scale implementations of roof-top, parking canopy and ground-mounted arrays.  Understanding existing usage and future demand, as well as the complex financial underpinnings of this technology, is crucial for creating value for our customers.


Put rooftops, parking lots and under-utilized land to work for you and the community by turning your property into a community solar host, generating income and driving sustainability.

Renewable Heating & Cooling

Brightcore Energy provides high-efficiency HVAC solutions that can reduce or eliminate the need for natural gas or oil.  In particular, ground-source heat pumps dramatically lower your operational costs, maintenance needs and, of course, the carbon footprint of the facility. 

Our clients can see tremendous reductions in operating expenses by switching to ground-source heat pumps, while future-proofing their buildings and helping the environment.

Dave Hermantin

VP, Geothermal Engineering, Brightcore Energy

Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers 

EV charging stations support sustainability goals, but they also serve a distinct business purpose by attracting clients and tenants that rely on charging availability.  If desired, EV charging can additionally represent an income producing opportunity. 

The availability of charging infrastructure is moving from a point of differentiation to a necessity for many commercial buildings.

James Holton

Director of Operations, Brightcore Energy

Battery Storage

Maximize your return in investment in renewable power sources with storage solutions that deliver energy when grid power is expensive or unavailable.  

Key benefits: 

  • time of use savings
  • peak demand reduction
  • resiliency

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