The Beresford is a legendary landmark multi-family building built in 1929. To phase out end-of-useful life equipment, the co-op residents chose a hybrid geothermal and air-source heat pump system to serve the lobbies, offices, and common areas. The geothermal system is being installed in the basement where nine boreholes are drilled to 500 feet deep in the existing boiler room. This installation is projected to reduce peak cooling demand by 18%. In addition, this solution will provide heating while using 60% less energy than an equivalent air source heat pump system. This proposed geothermal system will reduce GHG emissions by more than 40%.

This project was also submitted to NYSERDA Next Gen HVAC PON (Program Opportunity Notice) and received the full submission request of $500K in funding.

Owner: The Beresford Cooperative at 211 Central Park West, NY
Price: $2.0M retrofit / replacement of heating and cooling of systems in lobbies, offices, common areas
Capital Structure: Client self-funded
Benefits: Replaced 50-year-old failed equipment with the most efficient electrification option available
Decarbonization: Gas Boiler system= 27.2 tCO2e vs GSHP/ASHP system= 15.92 tCO2e, results in a 41% GHG reduction
Brightcore Team Member: Dave Hermantin, VP of Renewable Heating & Cooling


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