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It can also help your community rink perform better by*:

  • Lowering operating costs
  • Improving quality of light in arena
  • Providing maintenance reduction savings
  • Reducing carbon footprint

"Youth hockey is the life blood of the NHL® and an opportunity for thousands of kids to enjoy this wonderful sport. The largest single expense in rinks is energy costs. Lowering these costs enables more young boys and girls to enjoy this game."

Brightcore Energy Team Mike Richter
Brightcore Energy Mike Richter Nhl-ny-rangers

Youth ice hockey is something Brightcore President Mike Richter is passionate about. He had a 15-year career with the New York Rangers , where he was a three-time NHL® All-Star, a Stanley Cup® Champion, and an Olympic Medalist.

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*Improvements and savings are unique to each rink, contact us below for details