Lenox Hill Hospital,
Northwell Health

Brightcore upgraded Lenox Hill hospital’s cardiac unit from fluorescent lighting fixtures to new integrated LED fixtures which will use on average 60% less electricity and are expected to be maintenance-free for 10+ years. In addition to the energy and maintenance savings, the new LED fixtures will improve the quality of the light with less flicker, more uniform lighting and color temperature and overall better visibility.

  • 60% reduction to lighting in Kilowatt Hours

  • Estimated useful life of 10+ years

  • Significant ongoing maintenance savings.

  • Upgraded quality of light consistent with color

"Brightcore not only helped us with reducing our energy consumption but improved the overall aesthetics of the lighting in our cardiac unit with new, LED fixtures that produce a light color and brightness conducive to our patients and their healing."

Joshua Strugatz,
Vice President, Lenox Hill Hospital


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