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Brightcore Energy Adds International Geothermal Team


Additions provide access to talent, expertise, and software


ARMONK, N.Y.--()--Brightcore Energy, a leader in developing and implementing renewable energy solutions for the commercial and institutional market, has announced the additions of key geothermal staff from Stockholm, Sweden. The first of several employees have been hired, with Stefan Swartling, as Geothermal Innovation Lead, along with Anna-Maria Perttu PhD., as Senior Geothermal Scientist.


This move achieves multiple objectives for the company. In addition to the wealth of expertise Stefan and Anna-Maria bring to the team, Brightcore will be importing technology and techniques developed in Sweden over the last 50 years. Geothermal heating and cooling has been widely adopted in the country, accounting for nearly 20% of the country’s heating and cooling systems, making Sweden the leading country in the world to use the technology.

“We are so excited for this next chapter for our company,” said Mike Richter, President of Brightcore Energy. “Geothermal provides a significant opportunity to make a meaningful impact on improving GHG emissions that are generated in the built environment. In densely populated areas such as New York City, buildings account for 70% of those emissions and 55% of that is due to the HVAC systems. Comparatively, there is simply no other single energy conservation measure that can achieve what geothermal heating and cooling can. For us, we want to ensure we have the absolute best and brightest on our team, particularly with coming mandates that our clients are challenged with.”

In addition to the new team members, Brightcore will now have access to proprietary software that will enable the engineering team to generate even more detailed feasibility projections and advanced project modeling.

About Brightcore Energy

Brightcore Energy is a leading provider of end-to-end clean energy solutions to the commercial and institutional market. Solutions include high-efficiency heating and cooling systems (geothermal) for both new construction and existing building retrofits, commercial-grade solar, LED lighting and controls, energy storage, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, smart building solutions and other emerging technologies. Brightcore’s turnkey, end-to-end solutions encompasses preliminary modeling & feasibility, design & engineering, financing & incentive management, construction & implementation, and system performance monitoring.



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